President Trump Says He Stands in Support of St. Louis Protesters Fighting for the Pledge of Allegiance to Be Recited at Council Meetings

President Donald Trump says he will stand in support of activists in St. Louis who are fighting for the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited before St. Louis Park council meetings.

According to the Star Tribune, Trump tweeted this week: “Outrage is growing in the Great State of Minnesota where our Patriots are now having to fight for the right to say the Pledge of Allegiance. I will be fighting with you!”

Monday, nearly 100 protestors gathered at the St. Louis Park city council meeting to ask the council to keep saying the pledge at the meetings.

“Yes, we need to have conversations about inclusion, diversity,” said Tammy Hopps, who attended the meeting. “Absolutely. But we need to do it under this symbol (the US flag).”

When the council voted against it, protestors began to recite it several times and then asked for the council to resign their posts. The council voted 5-0 to stop saying the pledge at meetings to help welcome an “increasingly diverse community.”

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Source: Christian Headlines