Andrew Brunson, Pastor Who Was Imprisoned in Turkey, is ‘Astounded’ by Increasing Hostility Toward Christians in the U.S.

In this file photo, Pastor Andrew Brunson speaks during an interview at the headquarters of Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Va., Friday, Oct. 19, 2018. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Andrew Brunson, the U.S. pastor who spent two years in a Turkish prison, said Friday he was “astounded” by the escalating hostility toward Christians in the United States, saying they have become the “target” of activists.

“I’m really astounded at the speed at which the U.S. is imploding,” said Mr. Brunson at the Western Conservative Summit, held annually by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University.

Mr. Brunson, who was released from Turkish custody in October 2018 in response to pressure from the Trump administration, said it was “no longer enough” for Christians to get along with others with whom they disagree.

“It seems like there’s much more of a demand that people of faith approve of, that they validate, that they celebrate things they actually disagree with,” he said.

Mr. Brunson, a pastor in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, cited pressure from the media, celebrities and academia, saying “there’s an effort to marginalize and silence and shame Christians.”

“Activists are demanding that businesses and schools are demanding punish those who don’t agree with them,” he said. “I think it’s especially Christians who are in the cross-hairs of these things. They’re the target.”

The same pressure hasn’t been applied to believers of other faiths, he said.

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SOURCE: The Washington Times, Valerie Richardson