A Strong Odor Leads Police to Remains of Missing 23-year-old Mom-of-four, Savannah Spurlock, who was Found Buried at Rural Home in Kentucky – but Cops Can’t Explain How They Failed to Find Her Body when They Searched the Same Property in January

A strong odor is what led police to the buried remains of mother-of-four Savannah Spurlock on a rural Kentucky property – but investigators can’t yet explain how they didn’t find her body when they first searched the home after she vanished six months ago.  Police confirmed on Thursday that the remains found buried on the property in Garrard County belong to Spurlock after she was last seen alive leaving a bar with three men on January 4. One of those men, 23-year-old David Sparks, has since been charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence after the remains were uncovered on the property where he lives with his parents. Police searched the property back in February when Spurlock – who had given birth to twins in December – was reported missing but failed to find her body. Investigators received a tip on Wednesday at 5pm about a foul odor coming from the property.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail