What’s Going on? Black Man is Repeatedly Punched in the Head by White Police Officers as He is Pinned to the Floor in a Pool of Blood and Arrested During a Minor Traffic Stop in New York

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a young black man being repeatedly punched in the head as he was pinned to the ground by police in New York.

Kevin Diaby needed stitches to close a large wound above his left eye after his head was smashed into the street as he was arrested following a minor traffic stop in Harlem Tuesday evening.

Horrified bystanders filmed the 20-year-old being held down by one NYPD officer while another repeatedly punched him in the head, leaving him in a pool of his own blood.

One onlooker named Monica, who declined to provide her last name, filmed the distressing incident.

Diaby and his sister, Fraton Diaby, 24, told activists they were in a car trying to park near the corner of Fifth Avenue and 130th Street in East Harlem around 6.30pm Tuesday.

Multiple officers approached the vehicle and confronted Kevin Diaby, the driver, for ‘failing to signal’ due to his hazard lights not being on.

After investigating, New York Police spokesperson Sophia Mason said officers discovered Kevin didn’t have a license and his uninsured vehicle had a suspended registration.

Fraton, who was sitting in the front passenger seat when police stopped the pair, told Spectrum News she tried to reach in the car to grab her phone charger before police impounded the vehicle. Video shows her being shoved away by an officer.

Police said Diaby then reached in the car and shoved past the officer who was driving it to be impounded, but witness Monica, who filmed the encounter, claims that is not true.

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Source: Daily Mail