WATCH: Mom is Charged with Endangering Her Children After She is Seen Driving through an Illinois Town with an Inflatable Pool on the Car Roof with Them Inside

The mom told police she had her daughters sit inside the empty inflated pool to hold it down on their ride home from a friend’s house

An Illinois mom has landed in hot water after taking the notion of a ‘car pool’ a bit too literally.

Jennifer Janus Yeager, 49, from Dixon, was arrested after she was caught driving with an inflatable pool resting on the roof of her car, with her two young children inside.

According to a Facebook post from the Dixon Police Department, officers arrested Yeager shortly after 3pm on Tuesday, after they received a report about an Audi SUV driving north on the Peoria Avenue Bridge with children inside of a pool on the vehicle’s roof.

Officers were dispatched to the area and caught up with the white Audi Q5 traveling westbound on Route 2 with the blue inflatable pool on the roof and two girls sitting inside.

The mother explained that she drove into town to inflate the pool at her friends’ house, and then had her daughters sit inside the empty pool ‘to hold it down on their drive home.’

Yeager was then arrested on two counts of endangering the health or life of a child, and two counts of reckless conduct.

She was also cited for failure to secure a passenger of the age of 8 and under the age of 16.

The 49-year-old woman was later released from custody after posting bond.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Snejana Farberov