WATCH: Dog Fearlessly Chases a Bear Who Knocked Down a Bird Feeder Out of His Neighbor’s Backyard

Riley, the fearless dog next door, comes to the rescue and takes the bear head on

A New Jersey dog fearlessly went paw to paw with a bear after it wandered into a neighbor’s backyard.

Home security footage captured a young bear swatting at a bird feeder in the backyard of Hewitt resident Mark Stinziano, on July 9, at around 8pm.

The bear manages to pull the feeder down for a snack, but doesn’t see the neighbor’s dog barrel around the fence straight for him.

Riley, a 9 year old mixed Labrador, belongs to Alan Tlusty and his wife next door.

In the video, Riley slips through the fence and runs head first into the bear. Riley manages to collide twice with the bear, managing to scare it off.

Stinziano told Patch: ‘My daughter said she saw a bear outside, so I went out and checked the footage on the camera and couldn’t believe it.’

‘I’m not surprised,’ Tlusty told patch. ‘He’s a fearless dog.’

Riley’s been known to chase bears who wander to close to the yard, but Stinziano is amazed by this encounter.

He said: ‘It was the first time I’d ever seen Riley fight a bear off. He chased a bear up a tree before, but nothing like this.’

The average adult male bear can reach up to 660 pounds, while the Labradors can reach up to 80 pounds.

Stinziano posted the video to Facebook, celebrating Riley’s heroic efforts.

‘My neighbor’s dog is getting a steak dinner next time I see him. He is an awesome pup that comes to check on the kids from time to time. Now he is keeping them safe! Riley-1 Bear-0.’

SOURCE: Daily Mail – Lauren Edmonds, AP