Amazon Fines College Student $3,800 for Returning a $150 Textbook 4 Days Late

Some college students on a tight budget save money by renting textbooks online instead of buying them at the campus bookstore. A local family is sharing a hard lesson after a University of Delaware student was charged thousands by Amazon after she failed to return a rented textbook on time.

“I’m majoring in cognitive science, concentrating in speech language pathology,” University of Delaware rising sophomore Amelia SanFilippo said.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to college textbooks. You can buy new, used or rent. For SanFilippo, she turned to Amazon to get the biggest bang for her buck — or so she thought.

“You just go and click on the button that says rent the book and they just send it as if you’re receiving any other Amazon package,” she said.

The only problem is, she missed the fine print. If the book was not returned by June 4, she would be charged $3,800 to buy Cultural Anthropology: A Toolkit for a Global Age, even though the book only costs $150 online right now.

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SOURCE: Kimberly Davis
CBS 3 Philly