WATCH: Christian ‘Burly Man Coffee’ Company Criticizes Starbucks for Kicking Out Police Officers on Fourth of July

Burly Man Coffee has released a political parody video in response to Starbucks’ biased scandal against Tempe, Arizona, police officers. The Burly Man Coffee company, known for giving away cars to struggling single moms, decided to address the issue head-on because of its strong pro-American conservative values. Its co-founder, Jeremy Wiles, strongly criticized Starbucks’ apology.

“I don’t buy it. They were several days too late and only responded after trending hashtag #dumpstarbucks flooded social media. They should have offered an immediate response to their blatant discrimination. To me, their apology seems more like damage control, not genuine remorse,” remarked Jeremy.

The short video, released on July 7, takes a comedic spin on the Fourth of July Starbucks scandal. “Starbucks has a history of offending patrons, but this incident that happened on Independence Day isn’t going to go unnoticed, even if Starbucks wants to quickly erase it from the public’s memory,” said Wiles.

Co-founder Tiana Wiles said, “We’ve reached a real moral dilemma in our culture when protecting feelings comes at the expense of honoring those who protect our lives. Those officers shouldn’t have been humiliated like that.” The couple hopes that conservative coffee drinkers will start to support Burly Man Coffee, a truly conservative coffee company.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Luke Gibbons