WATCH – There’s a Devil Loose Even at Disneyland: Brutal Brawl Breaks out Between a Family at ‘the Happiest Place on Earth’ in Shocking Video Which Captures a Man Beating a Group of Women After One Spits in His Face

A brutal fight between family members broke out at California’s Disneyland amusement park on Saturday where two men and two women threw punches and pushed each other to the ground. The fight took place after a woman spat in a man’s face. The man began to mercilessly hit her and she pushed her stroller holding two toddlers out of the way and began to fight back. Finally bystanders intervened and pinned an aggressive man to the ground as officers arrived about four minutes after the fight began. The people involved in the fight were escorted out of the park. Anaheim police are investigating and say the people involved in the fight were not cooperative in police interviews.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail