Here We Go: Young Woman Faces Backlash on Social Media for Saying She Felt ‘Violated’ After a Man Used a Gender-Neutral Bathroom While She Was in It

Story: Twitter user @MaryBear__ tweeted that she was washing her hands in a gender-neutral bathroom when two men walked in

A woman is facing fierce backlash on social media after she tweeted that she felt ‘violated’ when a man used a gender-neutral bathroom while she was in it.

Twitter user @MaryBear__ shared her story last week, explaining that she was washing her hands when two men walked in. She admitted their presence made her feel uncomfortable, even though she was in a gender-neutral bathroom.

‘Man#1 didn’t care and used the bathroom in front of me. Man#2 waited outside the bathroom till I left after seeing me inside. I thanked Man#2 for respecting my privacy. I felt so violated,’ she tweeted.

The woman’s complaint quickly went viral, with many people slamming her for having the audacity to say she felt violated simply because a man used the gender-neutral bathroom she was in.

‘Man #1 treated you as an equal in a gender neutral bathroom. Man#2 treated you like a woman. I don’t know which one you want as treatment, but both treated you with respect and neither violated you,’ Twitter user @WinnersWontLose wrote.

Other Twitter users were quick to point out that she was the one chose to use a gender-neutral bathroom, stressing that the two guys did nothing wrong.

‘What were you trying to accomplish with this tweet other than you don’t understand what a gender NEUTRAL bathroom is……?’ one person asked.

Someone else commented: ‘Then just use a female bathroom if you want your privacy respected?? What are you doing in a gender neutral bathroom if you want men to wait outside?’

In a series of follow-up tweets, the woman answered other Twitter users’ questions, explaining it was a one stall bathroom with an open toilet, no urinal.

‘I’m confused here. Why should he have waited if it’s a gender neutral restroom and you were on your way out anyway? Why did you feel violated?’ one person asked.

‘I felt violated because he unzipped his pants and pee’d beside/in front of me. As a woman I was uncomfortable sharing a bathroom w/ a man [sic],’ she replied.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail – Erica Tempesta