WATCH: Two 10-Year-Old Christian Students in London Suspended from School After They Asked Not to Participate in LGBT Pride Month Assignment

Karen Francis with Kaysey

Two 10-year-old Christian students were suspended for five days last month after they were accused of using “homophobic” language when objecting to an LGBT Pride Month primary school assignment. 

The Christian Legal Centre reports that Susan Papas, the head of the Heavers Farm Primary School in South London, was reported to local authorities by parents of 10-year-olds Farrell Spence and Kaysey Francis-Austin.

The parents insist that the children did not make any homophobic remarks when asking a “visitor teacher” to be excused from an LGBT-themed assignment on June 20th. But the children were accused of saying that they wanted to kill LGBT people, a claim the children strongly deny.

According to The Daily Mail, letters sent to the children’s parents said that the unnamed visiting teacher claimed that the children said: “gay people should die.”

Kaysey was accused of saying that gay people “have let the devil into them and they need to be killed.” Farrell was accused of saying that gay people should “die or go to prison.”

According to the Christian Legal Centre, the incident began when Farrell objected an LGBT coloring assignment. Farrell told the “visitor teacher” that he was a Christian and did not want to take part in the assignment. However, the teacher allegedly refused to excuse Farrell from the assignment, saying that the lesson was part of the curriculum.

Sitting with Kasay at the time, Farrell told the teacher that he did not “accept LGBT” because he is a Christian. The teacher asked both children if they want LGBT people to die. Farrell allegedly said that they do not want LGBT people to die but told the teacher that they could be punished for being gay if they went back to their countries.

Farrell told the teacher that he was from “African and Jamaican” heritage, where “everybody is Christian and Catholic” and “don’t accept LGBT.”

After class, the teacher is said to have accused Farrell of saying “LGBT sucks and LGBT is dumb.” However, the child denies making those statements.

The students accused headteacher Susan Papas of yelling at them in front of the class and later calling them a “disappointment to the school.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith