‘World Missionary Press’ Reports Sparks of Revival in Europe

You’ve likely heard that Europe is post-Christian. Last spring, UK researchers claimed, “Christianity as a default is gone, and probably gone for good – or at least for the next 100 years.”

Helen Williams with World Missionary Press just visited partners in four European countries. She brought back some good news to share with MNN.

“We believe that the Lord is opening doors in Europe and awakening things.”

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God moves the nations

Europe received a massive influx of refugees and migrants between 2014 and 2015. As recorded here by Pew Research, 1.3 million people filed asylum applications in 28 member states of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland in 2015. While this flood of humanity strained resources and infrastructure, it also activated the Church in several European nations.

“People that had been using the booklets on a limited basis were experiencing these people (refugees and immigrants) coming up through Italy and Greece and Hungary and Germany. They saw [an] opportunity to reach these peoples through the booklets as they came off the trains [so that’s exactly what WMP partners did],” Williams recounts.

So, “some of it (revival) is [due to] the movement of people,” she acknowledges. Additionally, “some latent things [are] being revived, if you will – stirred up by the Spirit.”

According to Operation World, Christianity remains the largest religion in Europe. The Protestant Reformation began in Germany; legends of the faith like Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Wycliffe, and more all hail from the European continent.  “They were missionary-sending countries; they were stalwarts of the Gospel. But now, these nations – between politics and just the spirit of the age – things have dulled.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth