WATCH: Embattled Houston Megachurch Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell Announces Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Kirbyjon Caldwell, the embattled pastor of Windsor Village United Methodist Church, announced his diagnosis of stage one prostate cancer on Facebook Saturday evening.

“I wanted to tell you myself before you heard it from someplace else, so you’d know what’s going on,” he said in a Facebook video.

Stage one prostate cancer is generally slow growing and curable, according to the cancer treatment provider Texas Oncology. Caldwell said he viewed his prognosis as favorable.

“I will die from something as we all will someday, but it won’t be, or ought not to be, from prostate cancer,” he said. He went on to urge his congregation to monitor their health.

“Go to your doctor, get your checkups, mammograms, pap smears, prostate check,” he said. “Be a good, faithful steward of your health.”

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SOURCE: Houston Chronicle, R.A. Schuetz