Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson Jr. Installed as Senior Bishop of AME Church

Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr.

Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr. was installed as the Senior Bishop of the AME Church on June 26, during the AME Church’s Annual Council of Bishops and General Board Meeting Worship Service. The event was held at the Birmingham-Jefferson County Convention Center in Birmingham, Alabama.

“I am honored for service at this time in the history of our church. I seek an interest in your prayers that I may rise to the occasion, that inadequacies may not be too glaring. Whatever successes, whatever achievements, the credit, the glory will belong to God in Christ,” Senior Bishop Richardson shared during the investiture service.

The Senior Bishop is the active Bishop with the longest tenure of service in the AME Church and is first in order of precedence among the Council of Bishops. The position occupies a key role in the polity and practice of the AME Church. While a Senior Bishop has existed since the incorporation of the church as a denomination in 1816, the first formal investiture ceremony occurred at the 2004 General Conference.

The ceremony includes the passage of the Senior Bishop’s regalia—a solid gold medallion with the logo of the denomination donated by the family of Claude Stephens.

Bishop Richardson succeeds the Right Reverend McKinley Young who died in January 2019. He was elected and consecrated the 115th Bishop at the 1996 General Conference. With service in pulpits throughout Georgia and Florida, the last church he pastored prior to his election was Bethel AME Church in Tallahassee, Florida where he served for 18 years.

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SOURCE: Black Press USA; The North Dallas Gazette