WATCH: Twitter Users Roast Woman Who Left Her Dog Outside While Filming California Earthquake

californiagirllla / instagram : Chanelifornia / Twitter

A pet owner in California has been dragged on social media after she shared video of her dog pleading to come inside while the 7.1 earthquake wreaked havoc on her back yard.

Chanel Mitchell posted video on Friday showing the effects of the earthquake on her backyard pool in Carson, California.

‘Look at my swimming pool y’all. #earthquake #EarthquakeLA,’ she shared in the post. The video pans over the backyard and shows water sloshing in and out of the pool.  

But the biggest shock comes when she shows that her dog – Max – is still outside during all the commotion, with her even asking ‘Are you OK Max?’

Someone can be heard shouting in disbelief as the earthquake shakes and Max can be heard barking in the brief clip.

The video is long enough, however, for people quickly shamed the woman for not moving fast enough to bring her beloved pooch indoors.

‘Let the f*****g dog in,’ one user stated.

Another user shouted: ‘IF YOU DONT LET THAT DAMN DOG IINNNN!’

‘I’m calling PETA on yo a*s!’ another asserted.

Danny Deraney asked: ‘Can you dm me your address so I can pick up your dog and actually take care of it?’

Many users shared memes imagining how Max was feeling with the betrayal, with several users implying that he would seek his revenge.

Others blasted Chanel as being a horrible person.

The video has quickly gone viral with more than a million views in the first two hours that it was posted.

It was so bad that Chanel had to post a follow up video showing that the dog was actually brought inside her home.

‘Max is alright! S**t, he good,’ she said in the follow up video. ‘So mind y’all business. Worry about your own dog. Where y’all dog at? Where y’all pool at?’

Max then goes and gets food out the trash, with Chanel declaring that that was why he was not allowed inside.

But folks still took issue with Chanel waiting until the earthquake had passed to bring Max in.

One user asked: ‘When the earth quake was already done?? s**t already nighttime & s**t.’

The magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit about 11 miles from Ridgecrest, the town in Kern County which was very close to the epicenter of the magnitude 6.4 quake that was felt on Thursday.

While the United States Geological Survey measured 7.1, the European Mediterranean Seismological Agency said the quake was a magnitude 6.9.

The tremor late Friday was felt as far as Las Vegas, where the NBA canceled its Summer League game between the New York Knicks and the New Orleans Pelicans

SOURCE: Daily Mail, Matthew Wright