Reach Records’ GAWVI Shares the Best Advice He Ever Received About Balancing Success and Family Life While Touring

Reach Records artist GAWVI shared the best advice he ever got on balancing success and family life while on the road. 

GAWVI, 30, and his Reach Records family: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Tedashii, Trip Lee, KB, 1K Phew, and WHATUPRG just wrapped up their Unashamed Tour where he showcased his talents as an artist.

After almost a decade of making chart-topping hits as a hip-hop producer, in 2017 GAWVI released his debut album “We Belong,” and followed up the album with his singing debut “Panorama,” which he called a “big transition.”

“I used to be doing more of the producer side. But now I really dived into just being the artist singing more and all my songs now,” GAWVI told The Christian Post in a recent interview held backstage at the Unashamed Tour’s Orlando stop.

Part of his transition now includes two small children and being intentional about spending more time with his family, which he described as “amazing.”

“Family is definitely a blessing. My daughter, now she’s 3 years old, little Giana, she’s my heart. Then, my son, he’s 1 year old now, Camilo, he’s my buddy. Then me and my wife. We just completed five years. So it’s been amazing,” GAWVI gushed.

When asked to share the story behind his song, “Don’t Leave,” which is dedicated to his wife, the talented composer opened up about their marriage journey as a young couple.

“On the album, I do talk about my family a lot,” GAWVI said. “So right before Panorama I went on this tour. It was a great experience, but I was gone from my family for like two months. Basically, when you’re away from your family like that, it causes a lot of friction.”

“I was just trying to be real on the song, ‘Don’t leave me.’ I was like, ‘babe, I’m coming back home and I know we’re going through a lot of rough times right now.’ It was one of those venting moments that I know my wife really appreciated when I came back home and she heard the song.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law