Melania Trump’s Slovenian Hometown Reveals Hand-Carved Wooden Statue of Her to Mixed Reviews

First lady Melania Trump is back in her hometown of Sevnica, Slovenia — as a life-sized, hand-carved wooden statue rising out of a tree stump. A new statue in the likeness of the first lady has been erected this week.

The statue was unveiled Friday on the outskirts of the first lady’s hometown. It features Mrs. Trump emerging from a living linden tree trunk, wearing the same pale blue coat she wore to Donald Trump’s inauguration, waving with her left hand.

Berlin-based American artist Brad Downey commissioned local artisan Ales “Maxi” Zupevc to carve the statue using a chainsaw. It accompanies Downey’s exhibition at a gallery in the capital, Ljubljana, exploring Melania’s heritage.

“Both Maxi and Melania were born on the same year in the same hospital, but their lives have taken drastically different directions,” a description of the documentary on the project reads.

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SOURCE: CBS News, Sophie Lewis