WATCH: Georgia Police Officer Accused of Choking Former NFL Player, Using Excessive Force During His Arrest Is Indicted on Multiple Charges

It is a first for Henry County: A grand jury indicted a police officer on charges of using excessive force and lying under oath.

Channel 2 Action News was the first to show the video of officers choking former NFL player Desmond Marrow in December 2017.

Now, 18 months later, Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes learned there’s a new witness in the case.

A federal police officer who was off duty that day happened to be in the parking lot when the attack happened.

“We believe it’s the first time a Henry County police officer has been indicted for excessive force,” attorney L. Chris Stewart said.

A grand jury indicted Officer David Rose on five charges, including simple battery and making false reports, after he allegedly lied under oath about the incident.

“They don’t want someone like Rose, who’s been to five different departments, working there anymore,” Stewart said.

Police took statements from several witnesses, but Marrow’s attorneys said they didn’t take a statement from an off-duty federal police officer who was there.

“Both police officers lifted the subject by both legs and brought him down on his head. I was so shocked to see that happen. Never in my life have I seen that happen, only on TV,” the officer said in the indictment.

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SOURCE: WSB-TV – Tyisha Fernandes