WATCH: Over 2,500 People Accept Christ at Luis Palau’s FestiMadrid Evangelistic Festival

Working with, through, and for the local Church, the Luis Palau Association through the FestiMadrid campaign proclaimed the life-changing message of Jesus Christ on a nationwide scale a  June 21-23, 2019.

The region-wide effort brought together more than 200 churches and trained 3,700 local followers of Christ – all focused on a week-long campaign to saturate the city and surrounding region with the Good News. Included in the effort were outreaches for business and civic leaders, women, and prisoners. One of the most significant moments came when Luis Palau took to the stage to preach for the first time outside of the US since he was diagnosed with lung cancer 18 months ago.

The Luis Palau Association saw a remarkable response to their three day evangelistic festival in Madrid, Spain June 21-23 with over 2,500 people accepting Christ.

Hundreds of thousands of people were reached with the Gospel as huge crowds gathered in key locations across the city for the festival with some of the latest Gospel artists performing followed by an evangelistic messages from both Andrew Palau and his father Luis Palau. Earlier that weekend Andrew explained the significance of Luis coming to Madrid:

“Miracle upon miracle had has arrived. It’s the first time he’s been out of the country since his diagnosis. It’s been 18 months and he is fired up.”

As well as larger gatherings there were a number of other significant events across Madrid throughout the weekend, including a women’s evening. Wendy Palau believes this had a significant impact:

“It’s been a beautiful night to be here with the women and the response I believe will be amazing. Thank you for praying. The team have worked so hard to put this together and so we’re expectant.”

Beyond the Festival the Palau Association was keen to leave a long-lasting legacy on the more than 200 partnering churches involved by training 750 evangelists to continue to reach the city for Christ.

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SOURCE: Missions Box