Museum of the Bible in Washington DC Features Exhibit Showing St. John’s Visions of the Apocalypse From Revelation

The visions in the Book of Revelation have been with us for some 2,000 years. But now, they’ve been reinterpreted in a 21st century way.

The Tapestry of Light exhibit at Washington’s Museum of the Bible shows Saint John’s Apocalypse through massive tapestries stretching nine feet tall and a hundred feet in length, but featuring new nano-technologies that let the art cycle from light to phantasmagorical glow-in-the-dark images and back again.

London-born Australian artist Irene Barberis has been working on it for two decades.  Because the Tapestry of Light deals with the sometimes dark and forbidding images of the apocalypse, Barberis was really interested in using light in new ways to illuminate the work.

Engorged with Light

“Light became a trigger really for people understanding a text that generally would put them into some type of state of fear,” Barberis told CBN News.

Amy Van Dyke is curating the cutting edge exhibit and said Barberis worked closely with Australian scientist David Mainwaring to develop nano-sized, long-lasting phosphorescent particles to light up Barberis’ fibers and materials.

“Science, faith, art – all of these things that perhaps have been very separated in the past – we’re now bringing those altogether in this,” Van Dyke said.  “And yes, the technology’s available now to do that.”

The intent is anything but bringing people down with a sense of gloom and doom.