7-Year-Old California Girl in Coma, Pregnant Mother Seriously Injured After ‘Targeted’ Shooting at Their Home

Maryam Davis and Kaylanaa Davis
Credit: Facebook

Police say a shooter “targeted” a California home Tuesday night, leaving a 7-year-old girl in a coma and her pregnant mother seriously wounded.

Port Hueneme Police Chief Andrew Salinas said neighbors didn’t report the gunfire to police because they mistook it for fireworks, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Authorities say that the shooter either drove by or walked up to the East Pearl Street home around 10:15 p.m., where Maryam Davis and her daughter Kaylanaa were inside along with the girl’s father and two siblings. Kaylanaa was shot in the head.

Her father alleged to police that when he drove his wounded daughter to the nearby fire department about 130 yards from the home, firefighters and emergency personnel inside would not come outside to help him because they believed themselves to be in danger as well, according to CBS.

The mom called police when the fire department would allegedly not come to their assistance outside of the station, and the young girl was transported to Ventura County Medical Center in a police car.

She was eventually airlifted to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she’s currently in a coma, CBS Los Angeles reports.

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