‘The Real’ Hosts Debate Watching Church Services Online or Attending In-Person

“The Real” co-hosts shared their views on whether it’s OK to watch church services online or best to attend services in-person during a recent episode of the daytime talk show.

The internet has made it possible for pastors to share the Gospel beyond the four walls of the church. But some believe online ministry has led to a growing population of the unchurched.

The Christian Post reported last week, however, that church experts said the data show a “growing engagement among the faithful with ministries online, with some even choosing to fellowship exclusively on the internet.”

The co-hosts of “The Real” discussed the topic on their show.

“Now, thanks to the internet, people can receive God’s good book on apps like Facebook which allows you to sit in front of your computer and give praise in your own living room,” Tamera Mowry-Housely said, addressing those who make excuses to explain why they don’t attend church.

She noted that some churchgoers view watching service online as “a cop-out” and say that it “doesn’t count.”

“I agree that I think that the fellowship is something you can only get at church,” Jeannie Mai added, “but I also believe that dedicated time with God is what church is all about. So when I can’t make it, I’m so thankful to have online services.”

The ladies around the table said the often watch Pastor Steven Furtick, Hillsong, and Pastor Ralph West via streaming services and they enjoy it.

“Church is not the building, it’s the people!” Adrienne Houghton-Bailon, who is married to worship leader Israel Houghton, declared.

“I feel like some of the most intimate moments that I’ve had with God have been alone in my house, in my alone, private prayer time,” she added. “But I think, for me, I enjoy doing both. I love the idea of being in a congregation and worshiping with other people. I love that expression.

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Source: Christian Post