Louisiana Church Sees Salvations Through Vacation Bible School

Pastor Lloyd Bye (left) and Associate Pastor Ted Spence (right) baptized John Painter during Vacation Bible School at Lakeside Baptist Church in Pineville. Brian Blackwell photo

On the final night of Vacation Bible School at Lakeside Baptist Church, Pineville, Pastor Lloyd Bye “watered” what had been spiritually planted, baptizing three young boys in a horse trough, May 31.

“Each year we have made announcements on Family Night about how many accepted Christ, but some parents do not get to witness a baptism because they are not active in church,” Bye told the Baptist Message. “This time parents got to see the harvest we reaped from the seeds that were planted, and it made it special for the boys that their parents were witnesses.”

“I accepted Christ at Faith Baptist Church in Tioga,” Edwards said. “But my Granny asked if I wanted to get baptized here since I have spent so many summers at Lakeside.”

He added that it was “special” because both churches are part of his spiritual life.

The Family Night worship service capped a fruitful week for Lakeside Baptist. Eleven children out of 46 who attended had repented for salvation by the end of VBS.

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Source: Baptist Press