What’s Going On? Black Woman Says White Passenger Refused to Sit Beside her On Plane

A black woman has claimed that a racist Eastern European passenger refused to allow her to sit beside her on a Spirit Airlines flight, detailing the ‘heartbreaking’ incident in a series of Facebook posts, while also slammed flight attendants who did nothing to prevent the woman’s bigoted behavior.

Detroit-native Tiarra Dowdell shared a series of detailed Facebook posts about the experience, which she said left her feeling ’embarrassed’ and ‘heartbroken’.

Tiarra explained that she went to take her seat on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Chicago on Tuesday, June 25, when a white woman who was sitting in the seat next to her refused to allow her to sit down beside her.

In one of her now viral Facebook posts, she revealed that the woman that was she was supposed to sit next to on the flight ‘refused’ to let Tiarra sit down.

She wrote: ‘So my flight was delayed from Detroit for 12 hours. Luckily I catch a flight from Vegas to Chicago.

‘I board the Chicago flight and the open seat they gave me was next to a Russian woman, who refused to let me sit by her. Like refuses it to the point that she is arguing with the flight attendant about how she is not going to let me sit by her.

‘Luckily there were other (white) people on the plane who chose to switch seats with me so I wouldn’t have to sit by her which she happily allowed,’ she added.

Tiarra explained that the woman’s actions left her embarrassed and heartbroken, and that she has never received such treatment.

‘I have never experienced this before,’ she said, ‘I’m so upset that I couldn’t lay hands on this lady. So appreciative of the other passengers who just rallied around me, held my hand and really prayed with me.

‘This four hour flight is about to feel like a lifetime. I’m [sic] am so embarrassed and heartbroken,’ she concluded.

Since her post was shared, it has accumulated 15,000 likes and a further 8,000 shares. Similarly, people have revealed their shock at the situation in the comments on the post.

One Facebook user wrote: ‘I am so sorry you had to experience this! People are disgusting.’ Another said: ‘She’s sick! Definitely file a complaint. They should’ve put her off.’