China Partner Joins with Minority-Focused Seminary in China

On Friday we talked about China’s tightening restrictions and the way those policies could affect the future of the Chinese Church. Most of that discussion means speculation, but one thing is certain; the Chinese Church is going to need leaders.

That’s why China Partner works with a Bible school that trains pastors and teachers in Kunming.

“This Bible school in Kunming has over 250 students, and they have 10 different minorities that are attending this Bible school,” says China Partner’s Erik Burklin. “It was such a beautiful symbol of how God is working in China, even in the areas where most people believe that there are still many unreached peoples that need to be reached for the gospel.”

The school doesn’t just equip students and send them all over China. Instead, they try to encourage graduates to pour into the places they call home.

“When they graduate, they have a choice to either go back to their communities where they came from to serve as pastors or they can get further education,” Burklin explains.

Another part of what makes this school special is its focus on minority people groups. Their programs are intentionally attractive to individuals that might otherwise be marginalized.

“They really value these young people who come from these minority groups, and I found that to be very uplifting and very encouraging,” Burklin says. “In fact, many of the professors at seminary are from these minorities.”

Working With China Partner

So what does collaboration with China Partner actually look like? According to Burklin, their last trip saw them conduct training for some of the students. The program was so successful that the seminary invited China Partner to come back for further training classes.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Alex Anhalt