WATCH: 59-Year-Old Oklahoma Woman Caught Firebombing and Shooting Into a Neighbor’s Home On her Own Security Camera

DEL CITY, OK — An Oklahoma woman was arrested after being caught on camera firing gunshots and throwing a lit towel into her next door neighbour’s home.

Firefighters were called to the burning property in Del City on June 10th, responding to 911 calls that reported flames coming from the garage door.

Having contained the blaze, fire investigators learned there was an ongoing conflict between the owner of the burnt home and the next door neighbour, Annie Durham, 59.

Shocking footage of the incident was captured on CCTV, showing Durham firing two shots into the side of the home before throwing a flaming object into the door, setting the house ablaze.

The video released by the Del City Fire Department came from the accused woman’s own surveillance camera.

According to the fire department, Durham was initially resistant to giving up the footage, claiming the camera had not been switched on.

However, it was eventually obtained with the help of the City Police Department’s Computer Forensic Division.

Durham was arrested on Monday June 17 and is charged with second degree arson and discharge of a firearm into a dwelling.

SOURCE: JohnJo Devlin
The Independent