WATCH: Three Born-Again Christian Jews Say That Andy Stanley’s False Preaching and the Book “Irresistible” is Tragic, Borderline Anti-Semitic, and Textbook for Replacement Theology

(from left to right) Ryan Lambert, Toby Janicki, Damian Eisner, and Andy Stanley

You will be shocked as you watch our 45-minute review of Andy Stanley’s new book, Irresistible. Stanley is one of the most influential Christian leaders in our day. Just watch the first five minutes to see the most aggressive dismantling of the Bible and articulate example of supersessionism (replacement theology) in our day. If the first five minutes of the video alarms you—keep watching and consider the solutions we offer.

Daniel Whyte III says, “Here are three very kind and respectful Christian Jewish men who rebuke and condemn and dismantle the false preaching of Andy Stanley and the false teaching in “Irresistible” written by Andy Stanley that is doing great harm and causing great confusion in the Church.”