Sisters of Compassion Helps Mother Realize Her Dreams of Getting an Education

A woman learns to read and write

While Gospel For Asia-supported Sisters of Compassion don’t teach villagers how to fish, they do teach them something quite necessary to thrive in life: how to read and write.

For one mother, this old proverb stands true as the sisters’ lessons are satisfying her lifelong dream to learn to read and write, Gospel For Asia said in a recent ministry update.

According to the ministry, Habiba, 40, lives in a slum village with her husband, 10-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. Growing up, Habiba had the desire to attend school and learn to read and write, but she never had the opportunity because of her family’s poverty. Still, it was a dream she clung to even after getting married.

When Habiba’s children were born, she desperately wanted them to receive an education. Unfortunately, her husband was also uneducated and, therefore, unable to teach the children, and school fees were too expensive for them to afford. Habiba grieved that her children would grow up illiterate like she did, but it seemed her dreams for their education were equally out of reach.

One day, Sister Tamanna and a few other GFA-supported Sisters of Compassion visited Habiba’s home and shared the Good News of Jesus’ love. They also explained to Habiba and her family they were starting a literacy class for the women and children of the village.

Not surprisingly, Habiba rejoiced to learn about the class and that the lessons would be offered for free. It renewed hope that her dreams of an education for herself and for her children could finally become a reality.

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SOURCE: Assist News