Randal Rauser: No, God Didn’t Think About You Above All the Rest of the World

There is a curious narcissism that infects popular piety today which would have it that you (or I) are (or am) somehow the fulcrum of God’s universe. It’s really all about you (or me).

As the story goes, God created the universe just to be with you. Apparently, God is like Dusty Springfield singing “I only want to be with you.”

And when Jesus was dying on the cross, of all the thoughts crowding His agonized mind, it turns out that you topped them all.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the fact is that Jesus speaks seven final words from the cross, and none of them mention you or me. (Shocking, I know!)

Instead, in His final words, Jesus offers forgiveness for His tormentors, the promise of redemption for a thief, directions for His mother and a close disciple, two words to His Father, a declaration of thirst, and a final statement: “It is finished”.

You might reply: He could still be thinking about us even if He didn’t mention us!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Randal Rauser