Nolan Harkness: An Open Letter to American Teens

Teenagers of this nation, it is time for you rise up and fulfill a God-given mission. You and only you best understand those living in this culture. You grew up with them. They are from your family, your town, your city, and your nation. It is time to realize that the adults of your world have meant well, and that they care about you very much. However, as generation gaps have differed in different time periods in history, this one is too wide for most adults to understand. Changes in education, technology, and culture have been moving so rapidly that to try to reach into that world is beyond their comprehension. So Mr. Teen, and Ms. Teen, it’s going to fall on your shoulders to build the bridges, straighten the roads, and rewrite the maps that will set a pathway for generations to follow.

You can do this! However, it’s going to require something from you. You must begin to build up your relationship with God through Christ so that God can direct you and give you wisdom. He wants and needs to raise you up as effective ambassadors for Him in this hour, but it will be up to you to stay yielded to Him so that He can effectively do that. It starts in your own heart. In your own heart you already feel the pain of some friends and some others; you barely know but you can tell that they are hurting. You may be even at a point where you sense that if someone doesn’t do something soon something bad may be about to happen to someone you know. This is the call of God!

You see, the call of God is often no more than a love feeling, a feeling of love deep down in your heart for a person, a school, a city or a people group. Some wait for something overwhelming or almost controlling before they take action but in reality because He is such a gentleman a better word for the call of God is the word compelling. His love is gentle, it’s beautiful, it’s loving but it begins often with a little tug to compel you to do something to reach someone. Teenagers, you are like a well-trained Special Forces Unit, to go into a country and complete a very special mission. You are called to reach your own generation for God.

How often have you rolled your eyes at someone who was trying to reach teenagers? You could tell they were clueless.  You are revealing by your actions that have to get involved being a team leader and a teen educator, to help interpret this people and its culture and language to those who can’t!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Nolan Harkness