Neighborhood Establishes Fund to Help Ice Cream Man Critically Wounded in Robbery

A neighborhood wants your help for their ice cream man.

With the permission of the family, a west Fort Worth neighborhood established a GoFundMe account Friday for their ice cream man, 41-year-old Ruben Rivera of Fort Worth. Rivera remains in a local hospital after being shot and critically wounded June 19 during a robbery as he pushed as his ice cream cart.

No one has been arrested in the case, police said.

An official with the LVT Rise Community Center in west Fort Worth set up the fund to help the family with living expenses such as rent, utilities and groceries.

Rivera has been a fixture in the west Fort Worth neighborhood for more than 20 years, brightening the community with ice cream and his positive attitude, according to the account.

The Fort Worth man is the sole provider for the household, occasionally working as roofer as well as selling ice cream to support his family.

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Source: Star Telegram