Laci Swann: Why Twisting God’s Word to Fit Culture is Spiritually Dangerous

The Bible is a special way in which God speaks to us. Importantly, the Bible shares scriptures that provide answers and healing to our innermost questions and emotions. As we read the Bible, however, people assumedly interpret the Scriptures in various ways, some of which are self-shaped loopholes, in a sense, as a means to justify certain actions and thoughts, and this can be spiritually dangerous.

In Luke 4: 9-12, you will notice that Satan quotes the Bible to further his own agenda, and while you and I may be totally taken aback by this level of spitefulness, this kind of behavior is actually common. Sadly, both the enemy and people use God and Scriptures from the Bible to justify ungodly behavior or avoid responsibility.

So, how are you reading the Bible?

Do you look to the Good Book as a way to strengthen your faith, gain wisdom and seek unanswered questions or do you look for a means to justify your actions?

For example, in John 2:1-11, Jesus performed a miracle by turning water into wine at Cana’s wedding. This scripture does not denounce alcohol. Instead, the wine in this chapter is mentioned as the best. So, upon reading these verses, do you interpret them as a wondrous miracle or do you suddenly grant yourself permission to drink in excess and shun the dangers of drunkenness?

Also, examine the various scriptures which discuss marital submission. When reflecting on these verses, do you view these words as a permission slip to abuse and mistreat your spouse in a way that demeans them and strips away respect under the guise of submission or do you interpret these words the way God intended—to hold marriage to the highest regard and be a unified team with the utmost trust and respect for one another?

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Laci Swann