Gospel for Asia Celebrating 40th Anniversary of ‘Revolution in World Missions’, July 3

Waves of world-changing national workers have helped millions in Asia

Gospel for Asia (GFA, www.gfa.org ) — a Christian movement that launched a “revolution in world missions” — celebrates its 40th anniversary on July 3, with its founder proclaiming “we can’t slow down, there is so much more yet to do.”  The Texas-based ministry is “celebrating God’s faithfulness” over the past four decades on its website at www.gfa.org/40-years.

GFA’s history-making story began in 1979 when founder Dr. K.P. Yohannan, a native of India, and his German-born wife, Gisela, launched their world-changing vision to share the love of Christ with the hurting and marginalized in Asia– a vision featured in Yohannan’s groundbreaking book Revolution in World Missions, published in 1986 with now more than 4 million copies in print.

Yohannan’s idea was to share the love of Christ in Asia not through the usual method of sending foreigners, but through national workers prepared to go anywhere on foot and risk everything, even their lives.

“Forty years later, I’m amazed to see dozens of other organizations start up with the same premise,” said 69-year-old Yohannan, whose best-selling book turned a century of conventional missions wisdom upside down. “We could never have imagined what GFA would become, and how God would use GFA to transform so many lives.”

Today, millions of people across Asia have experienced the hope and healing of Jesus Christ through the work of GFA-supported native workers, supported by thousands of individuals and churches in the West.

After its release, Revolution in World Missions ignited debate among America’s evangelical establishment, with some finding Yohannan’s new ideas hard to swallow. Yohannan called for a new wave of national workers across Asia who, he argued, could minister to their own people far more effectively — and cost-efficiently — than Westerners who faced obstacles of culture, language and visas.

“Today, national workers are caring for new fellowships every week, “said Yohannan. “Thousands of people every day are experiencing God’s love, many for the first time…and tens of thousands of well-qualified, spiritually able men and women are ready to help even more in the days ahead.”

Since Revolution in World Missions, many Christian leaders have embraced Yohannan’s vision.

“It’s the model of how I want to continue in ministry for the rest of my life,” said Christian speaker and author Francis Chan.

From its humble origins in a Texas-based house group, GFA has grown in its ability to now serve millions of Asia’s poor, and support thousands of indigenous workers in over a dozen nations.

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SOURCE: Assist News