TeachBeyond’s Christian School Gives Hope to People in Ebola-Stricken Congo

A quick check of the headlines on the Democratic Republic of the Congo reveals a common theme in the news: Ebola.

Few other words strike fear as quickly as that one. A couple of weeks ago, government figures revealed the number of cases of Ebola in eastern Congo exceeded 2,000, with new cases leaking into bordering countries.

This has been tagged as one of the most complex public health emergency in history. News of hundreds of new cases in the last few weeks means a stumble in the forward progress of the containment campaign due to instability in the remote region.

Owning The Crisis

Containment is an ‘all hands on deck’ kind of mission and draws everyone into a common purpose. For five years, TeachBeyond’s presence in the DRC served as a beacon of hope. However, the ministry’s newly-installed President David Durance says it hasn’t been easy.

“Between health and war, getting into Kinshasa has been impossible for maybe two-thirds of the five years. One of the things that we’re really cognizant of is how we are participating as global citizens in this.”

A big step forward was realizing that the ministry wasn’t shouldering this crisis from its headquarters. Instead, the response would, appropriately, come within the DRC itself.

“There are people right in Kinshasa who are wanting to participate in transformational education and being the arm of TeachBeyond in Kinshasa. TeachBeyond has been working in and through our local members there and their TeachBeyond members as well and starting a school that has now become the model school for the country. ”

Utilizing the model of holistic education, which includes community health education, TeachBeyond and Bangui Evangelical School of Theology opened Fateb Kinshasa Academy in 2015 in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The model worked.

“A couple of weeks ago, we just finished our first model school training where we had a local community of 50 schools come to our TeachBeyond school there and be able to participate in this training, for the first time.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, R.B. Klama