Media Ministries Use Technology to Reach Unbelievers with the Love of Christ and Encourage Christians Living in Honor-Shame Cultures

Honor and shame play a significant role in the Middle East and North Africa. Community expectations set the standard for acceptable behavior. When individuals step outside of that, they’re shamed until they rejoin the fold. Learn more about honor-shame cultures here.

In the MENA region, following Jesus is risky because nearly everyone in the wider society is Muslim. Honor-shame culture dictates that following Islam is the community standard. So, behaving outside of those bounds – becoming a Christian, for example – is “shameful” and must be corrected.

This is why International Media Ministries connects with people on a one-to-one level. Executive Director Denise Godwin explains, “It’s always important to craft the message according to the culture that you’re going to; one size does not fit all.”

The Church grows as a result of these “undercover” efforts. Learn more about IMM’s work here.

Sharing Christ in the Islamic heartland

International Media Ministries uses media and technology to bring the hope of Christ to millions. In places like the Middle East and North Africa, this “undercover” media outreach helps grow the Church.

“At International Media Ministries, we are in the business of getting Jesus on every screen,” Godwin says.

“It’s safe to start your journey to Christ online, or in a chat environment, where [society] doesn’t know what you’re doing,” she adds when describing how they reach people in honor-shame cultures.

“That’s the key to many people entering the Church. It may take them a while to reach that point…but they start their journey privately through some kind of media.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Katey Hearth