WATCH: Texans QB Deshaun Watson Gets Baptized in Jordan River During ‘Overwhelming’ and ‘Life-changing’ Trip to Israel

Deshaun Watson is considered by many to be the quarterback savior of the Houston Texans, so it’s only fitting that he be baptized in the same place where Jesus Christ himself was said to have gotten dipped — and that’s the Jordan River.

The 23-year-old traveled to Israel recently — for the first time ever — and documented the life-changing experience on social media.

“Went to Jesus’ hometown,” Watson said Monday. “Got Baptized in the Jordan River…Went tubing in the Sea of Galilee…Took a trip through Mary Magdalene’s hometown…Saw the first church in Capharnuan…Life Changing Experiences – Major Blessings!”

The trip was co-sponsored by the America’s Voices in Israel, a group that takes famous people on mission trips to the Holy Land in an attempt to change the negative perception that some people have toward it.

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SOURCE: New York Post, Chris Perez