Messianic Worship Leader Paul Wilbur Warns Christians Not to Believe Dangerous Theologies About the Jewish People

Well-known Messianic worship leader Paul Wilbur has spent his life singing worship songs that have led both Christians and Jews to a knowledge of the loving Savior and now he’s sharing advice for believers concerning dangerous theologies about the Jewish people.

Wilbur has sold over 3 million albums globally and his latest album, Roar From Zion, is another work of music infused with biblical content meant to point the listener to what he believes is God’s heart for His people God.

“For the Christian today, certainly worship, pray, and realize that the plan of the enemy is to keep the Jew from the Gospel, because Jesus said in Matthew 23:37: ‘You’ll not see me again Jerusalem, until you say, ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.’ On every one of my albums, that line is somewhere to get the Christian to be saying it and also any Jews who are singing along, welcoming Him back as the King of the Jews to take up His place,”  Wilbur told the Christian Post in a recent interview.

He then offered advice concerning the attitudes Christians espouse toward the Jewish people.

“The only tool that the enemy really has that’s effective in the world is fear and doubt and unbelief. Love casts out fear. So if we say that we love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob but we don’t love Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, do we really love the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?” he asked.

Wilbur further detailed beliefs that have created a wedge between both communities.

“The church needs to really self-examine the roadblocks that have been put up over the years to the Gospel for the Jew, like, replacement theology,” he said, noting that replacement theology, the idea that “all of the Church now gets all the blessings of Abraham,” is one of those barriers.

“That’s one of the biggest roadblocks for the Jew because it keeps the Christian from praying, from believing, from loving the Jewish community. It’s just seeing them as a bunch of lost folks who had their chance, blew it, and now all those blessings are mine,” Wilbur added, calling it an approach many Jews are turned off by.

The next problem he highlighted is dual covenant theology. Dual covenant theology is the belief that the Old Covenant/Law of Moses is valid for Jews alone and the New Covenant/New Testaments teachings apply to non-Jews alone.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law