Medical Staff at Michigan Hospital Overjoyed at ‘Miraculous’ Revival of Man Who Was Dead for 20 Minutes and Came Back to Life With ‘Hulk-Like’ Strength

Michael Pruitt, 20 (L), hugs Dr. Angel Chudler. | Beaumont Hospital

Medical staff at Beaumont Hospital in Michigan are comparing the inspiring recovery of a 20-year-old man to a miracle after he died for 20 minutes then came back to life with hulk-like strength

news release from the hospital on Monday explained that the young man, Michael Pruitt, was helping his stepfather on a job site in Livonia in April when a metal ladder he was carrying accidentally connected with a live electrical wire and shocked him until his heart stopped.

“I remember being electrocuted while holding that ladder and shaking, and then nothing,” he recalled.

Emergency responders arrived at the home where he was working about four minutes after they were called and quickly took over from the homeowner who was administering CPR. They rushed him to Beaumont Hospital in Farmington Hills where he showed no signs of life.

“They brought in this perfect young man who had no vital signs. I said to my team, ‘We’re bringing him back.’ And then, I said to him, ‘You better come back!’” Dr. Angel Chudler explained.

Chudler and her team shocked Pruitt’s heart with a defibrillator to revive him but nothing happened. She tried again with a more intense shock and his heart started beating again after two minutes to everyone’s delight.

“When he became conscious again, he was like ‘The Hulk,’ grabbing the railings and shaking the bed with huge strength. It took the entire care team to hold Michael,” clinical nurse Yasmeen Bachir said. “I guess every superhero has to die at least once.”

Another nurse, Barbara Smith, who is director for trauma services, described Pruitt’s revival as miraculous.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leonardo Blair