Wayne Shepherd: Veteran Broadcaster Overcome With Zealous Desire to Share the Gospel

Wayne Shepherd is a veteran Christian broadcaster who serves on the board of the international missions organization Far East Broadcasting (FEBC).

After nearly five decades of serving in Christian radio, logging thousands of hours on the air, I’m getting an entirely new perspective on what Christian radio is doing around the world.

In the ‘70s, I was hosting music programs. In the ‘80s, I was on the air every day and involved with a team in building what was then called the Moody Broadcasting Network (now Moody Radio) into a large live-from-satellite programming service. For the next 20 years, I hosted talk shows, interviewed guests and broadcast many live events. Today, as a freelancer, I host multiple syndicated Christian radio programs. It has been a dream career.

So, with that experience behind me, when I was asked to join the board of Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), I welcomed the opportunity, because I thought I could help those I perceived were struggling to creatively communicate the gospel in their culture.

I was wrong.

I’ve not traveled as extensively as some, but I have visited several countries where FEBC has radio stations. Places like Russia, the Philippines, Ukraine, and a couple of countries I’ll not name for security reasons.

The first lesson I learned is that these radio stations and internet programs are staffed by people from the communities they serve. They speak the language (sometimes more than one). They understand the culture far better than I ever will. They are not merely re-voicing American radio programs, but translating them for the masses. They are creating their own gospel-centered content matched to the needs of their audience.

For example, in Mongolia where an emerging church is wrestling with so many issues, FEBC’s staff created a program aimed at protecting the unborn and titled it, “Unsung Lullaby.” A powerful witness.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Wayne Shepherd