WATCH: Andy Stanley is not called to preach by his own admission, and Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church lovingly destroys Andy Stanley’s false teaching on why the church ought to unhitch from the Old Testament, and his book, “Irresistible”


1. If Andy Stanley is not called to preach, maybe he needs to step aside and let somebody who is called to preach take over the work.

2. Andy Stanley needs to stand down at this point or somebody needs to sit him down because, even though people love him because he is God’s son and Charles Stanley’s son, he is causing great demonic confusion in the body of Christ, especially with young, impressionable pastors who think, because of his church’s size in Atlanta, he is always right, and he is wrong on this.

3. What Andy Stanley is doing is what so many so-called megapastors do: in an attempt to be original, they overthink things and they create stuff that does not really help anybody; it just sounds new when it is not. It’s the same old stuff the devil started years ago.

4. As we have said before, the real motive behind Andy Stanley’s demonic, heretical idea of unhitching the church from the Old Testament, which is impossible to do, is because, for some reason, he wants to allow homosexuals and homosexual couples in the church and he wants other churches to do it as well. (Watch the second tape all the way through and you will see that, out of the blue, Andy Stanley will throw in homosexuality just to see if anybody bites.)

5. We hope this is not an attempt of a son trying to outshine his father. We all know there have been some issues in the past. But, lest he get it twisted, he will never be as great as his father Charles Stanley because all of that is a God thing.

6. Andy Stanley told the story of a lady who told him he is a great communicator. Quite frankly, that is debatable. But what is not debatable is that he is wasting a whole lot of time and doing great damage communicating the wrong thing.

7. We are amazed at the amount of love, admiration, and respect that people are showing towards Andy even though he is as wrong as the devil in this matter, but somebody with authority over him (or a revolt from some of the young preachers who follow him) needs to go to Atlanta and say to him, “thou art the man and you need to knock it off,” and he needs to denounce this heretical idea and this book. Strangely, Andy asks the question in the book, ‘why would I write this book and ruin my career?’ Well, Andy, because of the love of God in the saints for you, you had better denounce this book and this heretical false teaching or your career as far as being a national leader is over.