38-Year-Old Air Force Servicewoman, Alla Ausheva, Found Dead at Home Alongside 2 Sons Hours After Police Stopped Husband from Jumping Off a Bridge: Russian Immigrant Was Naturalized by Obama in 2012

Alla Ausheva was killed along with her two young sons in a triple homicide in Staten Island Saturday morning.

Her husband, Shane Walker, is accused of killing his family. No charges were immediately filed.

She was a mother of two and a U.S. Air Force National Guard member, found dead at her home along with her two sons in South Beach. She was a naturalized citizen who came to the United States in 2011 from Russia on a Green Card and joined the military three months later. She was also a singer who performed with The Singing Experience, a New York singers workshop.

Police found Alla Victorovna Ausheva and her two boys, ages 2 and 3, dead in their Palisades Street home in South Beach, Staten Island Saturday after a 911 call for an “assault in progress” at about 10:30 a.m.

She was a Russian-born woman who was naturalized by President Barack Obama , according to the New York Post.

Another Air Force member went to the home to check on Alla Ausheva when she found the door wide open. Police found the home filled with smoke. After a fire department extinguished the fire, officers found Ausheva and her two young boys dead.

Ausheva was killed seven years after she took her citizenship oath, nearly to the day, the New York Post reported.

Friends of Ausheva gathered in a prayer circle following the deaths, many of them in military fatigues.

“She was a beautiful person,” one friend told the New York Post.

Van Tieu of NY1 tweeted, “Fellow service members pray together after their comrade, a woman, and two children were found dead in their SI home. Sources I.d her as Alla Ausheva. She was honored by President Obama in 2012.”

Ausheva moved to the U.S. from Russia in 2011 after winning a Green Card lottery, according to the New York Post, who interviewed her years before her death. Three months after moving to the U.S., she had already joined the New York Air National Guard. She was working her first job as a maintenance technician.

“I always wanted to live here,” she told The New York Post. “This is really a country where you can pursue your dream and do what you want to do.”

On July 4, 2012 she and 24 other foreign-born military members became naturalized citizens in a ceremony presided over by President Barack Obama.

“All of you did something profound: You chose to serve,” he told them, according to the New York Post. “You put on the uniform of a country that was not yet fully your own. You displayed the values that we celebrate every Fourth of July — duty, responsibility and patriotism.”

Ausheva told the New York Post she could hardly believe the experience.

“I still cannot believe that I saw the president and he said he is proud of me,” she said. “It’s incredible.”

She was also quoted in a press release from the New York Division of Military and Naval Affairs following the ceremony.

“It was awesome. I met the president. He’s just awesome. I’m so happy,” Ausheva said. “I just feel everything has happened so fast but I am definitely on the right track and I am going to remember this day and be a better soldier because I want to be useful,” she added.

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