Parents Outraged Over Free Breast Binder Raffle and Drag Show Being Held at Seattle Public Library for ‘Teen Pride Celebration’

‘Teen Pride’ poster in the Renton King County Public Library in Renton, Washington. | Photo: Courtesy of MassRessistanceWashington

A free breast binder raffle and a drag show are among the activities considered appropriate for tweens and teens at a Seattle-area public library, despite massive public complaints.

The King County Library System has been promoting the “Teen Pride” event on its website. It’s being held at the Renton Library from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday.

The event is described as a “pride celebration designed by teens for teens” and the “most rainbow filled fun you can imagine.” It includes activities like open mic and karaoke. Other activities listed are presentations on “safer” sex, a drag show, an “advice panel,” and a “free binder raffle.” The event page says that Saturday’s gathering is “suitable” for tweens and teens, meaning ages 10 to 19.

Local activists who have been protesting and spoke with The Christian Post on condition of anonymity, said that when they contacted library officials and county council members to express their concerns and objections, they were snidely dismissed and told that the event to would proceed as planned.

The library was reportedly inundated with calls Thursday after news spread on social media that a breast binder would be raffled. One mom told CP that when she called she was told that a binder would not be given away as was originally advertised, but that it would be a gift certificate instead. She added that she felt that the woman she spoke with was being misleading and evasive.

“Adults should never use children to justify or normalize their behaviors. Drag queen displays in libraries may be great fun with all things sparkly and fancy, but when my kids were small and they enjoyed something, they wanted to learn more about it,” another mom from nearby Tacoma told CP Friday.

“The world of drag is filled with porn, sex, drugs, and alcohol. That’s what kids will find when they Google their favorite drag queen. The Instagram accounts of these performers are not family-friendly.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter