Christians in India Forced to Flee Their Homes by Hindu Extremists

Christians in the eastern state of Jharkhand were forced to flee their homes after a series of violent attacks by Hindu fundamentalists.

Christian believers in Masiya Mahuwatoli village had their Bibles burned and harrassed with threats of death and excommunication by Members of Hindu Jagran Manch, if they did not renounce their Christian faith.

According to religious freedom charity Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), 37 Christians have managed to escape the area, after locals threatened to confiscate their land and cut them off from food and water supplies if they did not change their religion.

The displaced families, including one pregnant woman, have sought refuge in neighbouring villages.

Three other families were forcefully converted to Hinduism.

Violence towards religious minorities in India has risen significantly over the last five years after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) first came to power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP party secured a further five year term in the country’s recent elections.

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SOURCE: Premier, Heather Preston