Keys for Kids Ministries’ New Free Summer Reading Program Teaches Children the Importance of Studying the Bible

Summertime for kids means visions of swimsuits and sunshine, melting popsicles and bonfires, and days off and relaxation. What they’re not thinking of? Schoolwork.

However, it’s important for schoolchildren to maintain skills like reading during the summer.

Cue Keys for Kids Ministries’ free summer reading program, “WORD with Zach”. This program not only gets kids excited about reading, but also grows their faith and gets them thinking about how Scripture applies to their lives.

“WORD with Zach” is available in written form and on the radio. Kids follow along with Keys for Kids’ character Zach as he shares a short daily devotional encouraging them to be in God’s Word.

Greg Yoder, executive director of Keys for Kids, says, “We’re hearing from kids,… ‘I don’t really even like to read or I don’t necessarily even do this very often, but I just got so used to doing it last summer, that now [I’m] doing it every day.’ It’s just become a habit for many of these kids.”

This is the second summer Keys for Kids has offered “WORD with Zach” since they were blown away by the response last year.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh