Canadian Parents File Complaint After Teacher’s Lessons Caused 6-Year-Old Girl to Question Her Gender

A Canadian couple says their first-grade daughter began questioning her gender only after listening to a one-sided lesson on transgenderism by her teacher, who reportedly taught the class “there is no such thing as girls and boys.”

The girl, who was six at the time, stopped asking questions about her gender when her parents switched her to another school.

The parents, Jason and Pamela Buffone, have filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), claiming the teacher refused to affirm the girl’s female gender.

“This is an important case,” the mother told the Post Millennial, a Canadian website. “Our government seems to have given teachers carte blanche in terms of how they teach this concept [of gender identity]. If this is an example of how it can be taught, I think it’s in the public interest for the [Human Rights Tribunal] to weigh in on it.

“Teachers are providing a public service and have a duty of care to all of their students, just as the HRTO has a responsibility to all of Ontarians. I think this case is a good example of why we need to set ideology aside when dealing with human rights.”

The complaint says the teacher showed the children a video titled “He, She and They?!? – Gender: Queer Kid Stuff #2” in January 2018. The video made statements such as “some people aren’t boys or girls.” The teacher repeated the video’s theme and taught gender theory throughout the semester, The Post Millennial reported.

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Source: Christian Headlines