Ministers’ Wives Pray for One Another at Luncheon

Ministers’ Wives Luncheon president Kim Hamm led attendees to pray for one another after the event’s scheduled speaker was unable to attend. “The devil wanted to cause confusion among our women,” Hamm said later, “but instead it became a blessing and great unity.” Photo by Adam Covington

Nearly 800 ministers’ wives benefited from the quick thinking — and prayer — of this year’s Ministers’ Wives Luncheon president, Kim Hamm, and her team of officers.

Just the day before, they were confronted with the news that, due to unforeseen circumstances, their planned speaker, Lauren Chandler, would not be present. Chandler is the wife of Matt Chandler, lead pastor at The Village Church in Dallas.

Instead of being distraught, Hamm recounted, the team prayed and sensed the Lord’s direction to invite luncheon attendees to pray for and with each other. Their quick obedience ultimately led to what was described as a sweet outpouring of the Holy Spirit as ministers’ wives across the room prayed and opened their hearts with one another on topics led by each of this year’s officers.

From the platform, punctuated by special music, each officer shared personal testimonies of God’s faithfulness followed by the specific items for prayer.

Pointing to Psalm 107, from which came this year’s theme, “Steadfast Love,” Hamm began by acknowledging, “There’s going to be times that there’s smooth sailing waters and your anchor is Jesus and things are going good in your ministry, in your home. There’s going to be times that it’s troubled, rough waters, and you’re barely holding your head up.”

Hamm, of Gardendale, Ala., invited women to pray for each other’s individual churches, husbands, areas of ministry, and for the SBC annual meeting.

Liliana Lewis of Marietta, Ga., the group’s vice president, pointed to the biblical story of Mary and Martha, noting that Mary chose what was best — to sit at the feet of Jesus and focus on His Word.

“Many times, we dream about what we’re going to pray for our children, but if we take God’s Word, the treasure of God’s Word, we won’t ask amiss. We can pray on point,” Lewis said, citing James 4:3 and urging women to pray Scriptures together over their families and their churches.

Corresponding secretary Vicki Leavell of Millington, Tenn., shared about a health crisis she experienced four months prior to the luncheon.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought I was having a heart attack. My husband rushed me to the ER. And after two weeks in the hospital, they determined that possibly a random virus had attacked the sac around my heart, filling it with 80 percent of fluid,” she recounted, explaining that her body started attacking itself.

As she struggled for each breath, she also struggled with fear, both of which the Lord has been healing in her life, she said. She invited women in the room to pray for those who are facing health issues.

In the last segment, recording secretary/treasurer Brigitte Harrison of Apex, N.C., shared how during one of her pregnancies “doctors were telling us that our precious son had major challenges and the chances of him surviving were very slim. We needed a miracle.”

She recounted writing in her journal, “OK, Lord, this child is Yours, and I choose today to trust You with him.” Her son was born the very next morning, and the morning after that, the Lord took him home.

“I don’t know what you’re facing, but I do know this. We have a real enemy, and he would love nothing more than to isolate you in your worry, to silence you in your fear, to cause bitterness or anger to seep into your heart. You may even find that you’re running from the things of God,” Harrison said, urging the ministers’ wives to pray about each other’s hard times.

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Source: Baptist Press