Father Begs Pregnant Partner Not to Abort Their Child in Video

A video posted to social media over the weekend shows a father crying out to the woman carrying their baby as she entered an abortion clinic.

The heart retching video shows a man, identified only as Tyler, begging the woman – Abby – not to abort their child as she walked into an abortion clinic ironically called Hope Clinic for Women.

In the video, Tyler can be heard screaming out, “Please don’t kill our baby! Abby! Don’t kill our baby,” before bursting into tears.

In a subsequent video showing Tyler sitting in a parking lot sobbing, he mutters that he is a good father to the kids she already has at home. As he sat with his head in his lap, he said, “I’m such a good Dad. I took care of her kids, too. And the other guy she’s let back in her life doesn’t even take care of his own kids.”

According to Life Site News, the videos were first posted to Facebook by John Ryan – a social worker and pro-life advocate – on June 14.

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Source: Christian Headlines