The Truth About the Hit TV Show Chernobyl: What Really Happened to the Characters Involved in the 1986 Nuclear Disaster and How True Is the Critically Acclaimed New HBO Series?

Chernobyl is the explosive HBO show that has taken the world by storm and scored a higher IMDb rating than Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad. The five-part series follows an investigative commission appointed in the wake of the devastating nuclear accident on April 26, 1986. Here, MailOnline unpick the fact from the fiction in the series, looking at the main characters and events and what really happened. The tragic case of main character Valery Legasov (left, in the show, next to the real Legasov) saw him do his best during the recovery effort, but he succumbed to depression and killed himself two years later. Boris Shcherbina is presented as a yelling, angry Soviet official in the first few episodes and was shown threatening to throw Legasov from a helicopter. But actually Shcherbina was a ‘calm and considerate’ person who would have likely not done this, especially as they were not flown to Chernobyl in a helicopter as the programme suggests. And one element of the story has been unravelled by the actual person depicted. One of the engineer divers Oleksiy Ananenko (right, pictured in Kiev on June 7, next to his character in the show) said despite any fears of a second explosion at the plant, it was not known as a fact at the time. The series shows the engineers volunteering to go to their deaths, but Mr Ananenko said: ‘I was ordered to go there, so I went. I wasn’t afraid.’ One of the heartbreaking threads in the show is the story of Lyudmilla Ignatenko. She first loses her firefighter husband Vasily who died an agonising death in a Moscow hospital, before their newborn daughter Natashenka died two months later.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail