Sam Rainer on the Deacon Every Pastor Should Love

In a lot of churches, deacons get a bad rap. If they do too much, then people believe they’re trying to take over the church. If they do too little, then people call them lazy. Just about every pastor has a bad deacon story. Indeed, I’ve got a couple myself from a previous church.

I hear and read a lot about controlling deacons and apathetic deacons. The reality is most deacons in most churches do good work. While churches and denominations have varying viewpoints on the role of deacons due to polity differences, what should be universal is how pastors place a high value on deacons who serve well.

The deacon body at West Bradenton is among the best.

They serve. They sacrifice. They give. They have the backs of the pastors. And when called upon at VBS, they get slimed.

Pastors, cherish your supportive deacons. Encourage them. Brag on them. I don’t often come across posts from pastors praising their deacons. That’s why I’m writing this one. My deacons are not just the “other office of the church;” they are people with whom I entrust the most sensitive and critical parts of ministry within our congregation. Here are some of the deacons every pastor should love.

Friend. Pastors need friends, not only other pastor peers from outside the church, but also friends within the church. Since pastors and deacons serve closely together, at least a few deacons should be close friends with pastors. I had one deacon recently sit down in my office unannounced. He knew I was in the middle of a difficult situation involving church discipline. He said, “Let’s talk baseball.” It was much needed.

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Source: Church Leaders