Ravi Zacharias Says He Was Brought to Tears After Death Row Inmate at Louisiana’s Angola Prison Sang ‘Amazing Grace’ and Gifted Him a Handmade Cross


Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has reflected on his recent visit to Angola Prison in Louisiana and shared how one death row inmate sang “Amazing Grace” before gifting the pastor a handmade cross.

Recently, Zacharias and several others visited one of the largest penitentiaries in the country to share the Gospel with prisoners, many of whom are violent offenders. The prison houses roughly five thousand inmates, more than half of which are serving life sentences.

On Instagram, Zacharias wrote about his life-changing experience inside the maximum-security prison.

In the first post, he wrote, “It is powerfully moving to see what God is doing behind these prison bars. Incredible stories unfold here.”

In a second Instagram post, Zacharias wrote about visiting the men on the prison’s death row and one particularly heartbreaking encounter with an inmate.

“What a day at Angola Prison!” he wrote. “What memories. I will say more later. For now, I just want to share that walking through Death Row is one of the most sobering things I have ever done. Praying with those there makes it impossible to block the tears.”

“Suddenly from one of the cells burst out the ringing voice of one singing Amazing Grace,” he continued. “I walked over to his cell as he sang. Then he handed me this cross that he had made.”

“Even in a dark place, the Gospel is shining with grace and power,” Zacharias noted. “That is the only hope for the world because we are all prisoners of sin, and only the cross has the answer and the freedom. Thank you for praying for us. God used our team with His anointing and power.”

In his final post, the evangelist shared a photo of two paintings hanging on the wall of the room adjacent to Angola Prison’s execution room, where the sentenced man has his last meal.

“A prisoner has painted two paintings that grace the wall there,” he captioned the photo. “One is Daniel in the Lion’s Den, meaning, ‘God might still rescue you.’  Next to that is another one: Elijah going up on chariots of fire.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Leah MarieAnn Klett